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An empty nest still leaves a space

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3/3/09 10:22 pm

I'm pretty fascinated by bugs.
These little guys in particular:


3/1/09 10:14 am - You cried more than the sky

I need to get out by myself today with my camera, headphones, and sketchbook.

Since Friday at school I've been finally seeing how bright the world is again. Since Friday night i've been having some very deep thinking about my life in the future. It's truly inspiring looking at all the classes that I get to choose from and thinking about where life will really take me in the future. Yesterday wasn't feeling good at all in the afternoon, took my camera out and took photos around my house. The rain was so soothing. I dozed off with my headphones on, and I was lost in my own world. It was great.

Stay strong, friend. Please stay safe.

photo cutCollapse )

Edit. I have to stay home and study. :( I wish I could actually go to the beach too.

3/1/09 01:31 am

I'm scared for you, but at the same time trying to not let it get to me that badly.

Had starbucks earlier :] it was nice.

Later on met Nadia and Aly at Borders and headed overt to my place to watch Percespolis and blacked out again near the end of the show. Idk what triggered it. I thought about the trip to the nurse's office on Tuesday and I got dizzy and it felt like I just wasn't there for a few minutes. Then my head's been pounding since.

2/28/09 01:57 pm - HI!

I didn't realize how long I haven't updated but I really don't care. My week was slow, fun, painful, relaxing. I ate A LOT and slept okay. :} But at the same time when out for jog and coached the little Under 16s on the sides haha. Anyway, we're still kind of scared about my head because I feel alright but my head won't stop hurting. Even when I sleep. It feels like a very bad headache that's been going on non stop. And for the last three days i've been forgetting things a lot. Even simple stuff. Places and even one of my best friends names. I just couldn't remember. I text my mom yesterday because it got really bad yesterday and now I have to go get a scan on Tuesday. Cross your fingers that it's nothing! Seriously I hope I'll just get better taking some meds.

I miss this day last year
Shorrt hair, and you can see my split chin scar haha

I need to trim my hair, it's growing out alot and it's so messy.
And buy a new black hoody/sweater/something to keep me worm in Spanish and in Music.

And i'm currently listening to The Go! Team, The Shins, The Flaming Lips. All who i've loved for a pretty long time now they're always playing on my iPod touch.

2/24/09 11:14 pm - How was my day?

Well it was going good. I finished my composition for Music, made up a quiz in Spanish. During break time I went to the music room to get info on performing at graduation, and then there was Science in the Library.

Working and writing up a paper about the Activity of a Nuclear Substance. Working, working, working. Then, it hit me. This same feeling/pain I got last night. I felt dizzy, I literally blacked out and nearly fell over. When I could see again, I only saw what was in front of me and everything else was just way to blurry. I couldn't really hear anything, almost as if everything went on mute. My head was pounding so much worse than yesterday, and way longer too. I was sent to the nurse's office. The first things they were asking were if I had enough sleep and enough to eat. Sigh, well... i'm not that tired and, i'm saving money for my sleeve. It's okay to not eat lunch for a few weeks right? As long as I eat breakfast and dinner I didn't say that of course. I know i'm the healthy one who goes running, plays sports, watches what she eats. I know. If the food and sleep was the case then i'll take care of it. Ran into Coach Kane, which not good considering I had Netball training later on after school. She said how I haven't been looking so good lately, and I haven't been playing as well as I used to (AS SICK AS I WAS I STARTED TEARING UP ALSO BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE SAID) and all she wants for me is to get better, not be stressed out, and play and feel great. I slept in the nurse's office for about 2 hours, I puked... yeah it was gross. Then last period came, it was either I go back to my lesson, or go home. I got out of bed saying, "Yeah i'll go to class no problem", thinking I was feeling better. But then I just swayed a little and my head was hurting insane again and I felt nauseated again. So I went home..

2/22/09 02:31 pm


2/20/09 04:57 pm

I'm okay.
Since a year and a half ago Au Revoir Simone has always made me okay.
I love their music (and them heh). I've always wanted a tattoo to show my love for music after listening to these girls because music was the only thing that helped me get through a really emotional state. Through The Backyards ftw.

I'm a judge for OFS BATTLE OF THE BANDS :] Gonna shower now, get Subway with Ruby and buy donuts for the judges. ciao.

2/18/09 10:04 pm - I can't wait.

And, because none of you really don't know what i'm going through. You have no idea. And i'd rather not blog about it.

2/16/09 11:52 pm

I'm not fucking happy at all.
And if you think it's about you (any of you), no.

I wanna go back.

But I won't YET because I need my sleeve done.
Which comes down to me saying,
I fucking refuse to go out clubbing/drinking.
I just need the money.

2/16/09 09:00 pm

Hong Kong International School netballers are adding me on Facebook! Haha. Like I said before, they are so friendly! Especially the goalshooter from The French International School in Hong Kong! She's the only one actually smiling in the photo, and she's one of the only girls I met this weekend who looked as nice as she does here on the court. Oh the girl doing the fish lips was fast and I got scared of her.


Oh yes, Sunday I took part in a debate about homosexuality for a friend's documentary at Spinelli's for a few hours. Afterwards, went to Kiehl's to see Nadia. Got bored, and decided to take out the store's polaroid camera and yeah. We both look.. yeah. Oh Nadia. Oh she gave me that badge thing :) it says 'kiss me with khiel's'

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